(some) shows 
staged by Ariel Pytrell

Totus mundus agit histrionem
("Everybody plays an actor")

This inscription, which appeared at The Globe, Shakespeare's playhouse, applies to anyone who has devoted himself to the performing arts. Here is just a sample of Ariel Pytrell's work as a stage director or actor trainer, still a work in progress.

Labyrinths' promotional video (premiered on September 15, 2012) at El Cubo 

Socrates  (2014), premiered at the San Martín Cultural Center | Sponsorship: Embassy of Greece in Argentina and Government of the City of Buenos Aires

Speech by the Ambassador of Greece at the premiere of Ariel Pytrell's  Labyrinths (2014)

Neotragedy's workshop's promotional video (2019), held by Ariel Pytrell


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